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many flooring

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many flooring

Postprzez qizhen0809 środa, 15.11.2017, 08:19

<p>cash through the acquisition of Dreamland, a wholly-owned subsidiary set up in Hong Kong under the Singapore Company Law. After the acquisition is completed , Wallace from the Singapore Stock Exchange delisting, a wholly owned subsidiary of the ideal home. Behind the gamble of pan-home reflects the urgent needs of </p>
<p>Woodworking to speed up the cultivation of the domestic market. Flooring companies need to maintain a rational home Pan-rational 'crazy' behind the investment, Yihua Wood is planning a home ecosystem, that is, 'Y + ecosystem.' In fact, generous acquisition of Wada's equity is only a key part of Yihua Wood's strategy to build a 'pan-</p>
<p>home' strategic system. Reporter combing found that since 2014, Yihua Wood has 9 acquisitions, involving more than 3 billion yuan of funds, including 238 million yuan investment holding Haier home, 8402 million shares of Merlot and so on. In today's society, followed by an increase in people's one-stop consumer demand, many flooring </p>
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