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through the biological response

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through the biological response

Postprzez qizhen0809 środa, 15.11.2017, 04:46

<p>affects the user's buying tendencies. Consumption in affecting the user's judgment, which is the so-called mind, refers not only to the people of the known things precipitation and storage, through the biological response and motivation to achieve a total capacity, is an inherent cognitive brain. To put it plainly, the mind is actually a </p>
<p>psychological factor. To make the brand's values, content and emotions, inadvertently entered the consumer's heart. The way to the future of the brand is to fit the consumer psychology market. What are the characteristics of the user's mind? Consumers' mental preferences are simple, the brain space that affects decision-making is </p>
<p>limited, it will naturally contradict and eliminate a lot of complicated information, and the mind itself is to make the brain effortless in choosing. Mind is like a big house, which houses different categories, you can continue to break down, but it is difficult to put too many brands under a category, the user is very fond of a brand. Mind like </p>
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