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the floor quality factor

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the floor quality factor

Postprzez qizhen0809 środa, 15.11.2017, 02:31

<p>occupy a larger share of the category. However, some manufacturers in the market to reduce the product configuration and service quality to reduce the price of the induced consumption, coupled with the consumer is not the key to strengthening the floor quality factor is not professional, resulting in strengthening the floor in the actual </p>
<p>use of the quality complaints continue. The complaints statistics of Nanjing Decoration Industry Association and Nanjing Consumer Association show that in all the complaints about the quality of home improvement, the disputes due to the floor quality show an upward trend. In the first half of last year, the floor quality complaints </p>
<p>accounted for about 13% of the total complaints, of which about 4% were related to the enhancement of floor quality complaints. Statistics from August to December, floor quality complaints to strengthen the floor has reached 6% of all quality complaints, an increase of two percentage points over the first half. According to Nanjing </p>
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