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Wood once again to the domestic

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Wood once again to the domestic

Postprzez qizhen0809 piątek, 13.10.2017, 11:26

<p>foreign brands have good results in the country has been slow to open the market. There are industry summary, Yihua Wood lack of mature marketing network and improve the after-sales service system is the key to enter the domestic market blocked, channel construction is the first step in the enterprise based on the domestic market. </p>
<p>From 2010 onwards, Yihua Wood once again to the domestic market to launch the impact of marketing network construction projects, Yihua Wood plans to build 16 in the domestic IKEA Global Home Experience Center to enter the domestic market as soon as possible to expand the influence, Increase share of share. It is reported that </p>
<p>Yihua Wood in the domestic market plan to be invested 1 billion yuan, to build the domestic market well-known furniture brand image. Four years of exploration, with such a strong financial resources of Yihua Wood, domestic road is not a horse level. In 2007, Alexandra Zhuo from the foreign market for OEM companies began to expand </p>
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