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Wood floor maintenance

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Wood floor maintenance

Postprzez qizhen0809 czwartek, 12.10.2017, 13:14

<P>1. Waterproof solid wood floor most afraid of water. Summer to prevent the wind outside the window floating water. Winter to prevent the house heating running water. If you accidentally miss the water, even a little tea. But also in a timely manner with a soft wipe clean,наружный пол для внутренней беседки keep dry, so as not to promote the luster, and even cause warping, cracking, rotten rotten. If the indoor cement floor back to the wet (which is the most prone to the situation in the bottom of the room) caused by rotten deterioration, warping, paint stripping, color variation and other issues, we must first solve the problem of wet water, and then refurbished Replacement of floor.</P>
<P>2. fire does not extinguish the cigarette butts and match rods, can not be arbitrarily lost on the ground, electric stove, rice cookers, irons, electric iron, etc., in the absence of a good anti-fire, anti-hot cushion layer, can not be placed on it , Otherwise,внешняя огнезащитная пластиковая облицовка для потолка easy to burn wood flooring. Can not use gasoline to wipe the surface of the dust, dirt, to prevent friction to produce static electricity, causing a fire.</P>
<P>3. Anti-damage solid wood flooring is also easy to damage. Even the smallest of the gravel, the course of time is also easy to wear the surface of the surging and color,обзоры синтетической колоды залива leaving traces.</P>

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