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sunshine just come out

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sunshine just come out

Postprzez qizhen0809 czwartek, 12.10.2017, 12:13

<p>Floor circle 'infighting' for several years, the floor circle similar to the patent infringement 'infighting' constantly. The most fierce case than a named 'Rhine Sunshine' floor brand to the elephant challenge. With the reputation of the first elephant industry, Rhine sunshine overnight fame. At the end of 2005, Rhine Sunshine, although the unknown </p>
<p>floor of the floor brand turned out, behind the German Kono Wood Group, the surgeon is claiming to be 'the founder of the' Peng Hongbin. Rhine sunshine just come out, they will be directed at the elephant floor, the hands of the sword is 'E0 trademark.' E0, is the European countries, the environmental standards of flooring products, higher </p>
<p>than the national implementation of the national standard E1. Many domestic flooring brands, including the elephant, are to promote their products to achieve E0 level standards proud, posters, user manuals, product description and even the back of the floor products are all E0 logo. The elephant also designed a beautiful L OGO for E0, </p>
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