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Clinical and microbiological characteristics of spontaneous

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Clinical and microbiological characteristics of spontaneous

Postprzez smarty czwartek, 14.09.2017, 08:21

PURPOSE: This study aimed to compare the clinical and microbiological characteristics between Blood in the semen acute bacterial prostatitis and transrectal biopsy-related Prostatitis Treatment .

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the records of 135 patients hospitalized for CPPS acute prostatitis in three urological centers between 2004 and 2013.
Painful ejaculation Acute bacterial prostatitis was diagnosed according to typical symptoms, findings of physical examination, and laboratory test results. Clinical variables, laboratory test results, and anti-microbial susceptibility results were reviewed. Patients were classified into the spontaneous acute prostatitis group (S-ABP) or biopsy-related acute prostatitis (Bx-ABP) for comparison of their clinical, laboratory, and microbiological findings Frequent Urination .

RESULTS: The mean age of all patients was Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome 61.7 ± 12.9 years. Compared with S-ABP patients, Bx-ABP patients were significantly older, Blood in the Urine had larger prostate volumes, higher PSA values, higher peak fever temperatures, and higher incidence of septicemia and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Pain While Urinating Overall, of the 135 patients, 57.8% had positive bacterial urine and/or blood cultures. Bx-ABP patients had a higher incidence of bacterial (urine and/or blood) Prostatitis positive cultures compared to S-ABP patients (66.7% versus 55.6%). Escherichia coli was the predominant organism in both groups,Burning While Urinating but it was more common in Bx-ABP (88.9%) than in S-ABP (66.7%). Extended spectrum beta-lactamase -producing bacteria accounted for 64.7% of Difficulty Urinating culture-positive patients in the Bx-ABP group compared to 13.3% in the S-ABP group.

CONCLUSIONS: BPH Bx-ABP patients showed a higher incidence of septicemia and Chronic Prostatitis a than S-ABP patients. These results have important implications for the management and antimicrobial treatment of Bx-ABP, which may well deserve to be considered a distinct Prostatitis Symptoms .

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