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Urodynamic tests contribute to the choice of therapies for t

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Urodynamic tests contribute to the choice of therapies for t

Postprzez smarty czwartek, 14.09.2017, 08:17

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the parameters of urodynamic tests for patients with type-III B prostatitis and evaluate the Blood in the semen significance of the results of urodynamic tests Frequent Urination in the choice of therapies for this disease Prostatitis Treatment .

METHODS: CPPS Urodynamic tests were performed for 87 type-III B prostatitis patients aged 22-45 (30.7 ± 8.5) years, Pain While Urinating who had moderate or severe lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and failed to respond to routine therapy. Different treatments were administered according to the results of urodynamic tests followed by observation BPH of the therapeutic effects.

RESULTS: Chronic Prostatitis Urodynamic abnormalities were found in 70 of the 87 patients, bladder outlet obstruction in 28 (32.2%), detrusor overactivity in 25 (28.7%), bladder hyperesthesia Difficulty Urinating in 18 (20.7%), low compliance in 10 (11.5%), detrusor-external urethral sphincter dyssynergia in 1 (1.1%), and impaired detrusor contractile function in 1 (1.1%). Treatments achieved obvious effectiveness in 26 cases (29.9%), effectiveness in 51 (58.6%), and no effectiveness in 10 (11.5%) Blood in the Urine .

CONCLUSION: Burning While Urinating Urodynamic test Prostatitis contribute significantly to the choice of therapies for type-III B prostatitis patients with Painful ejaculation moderate Prostatitis Symptoms or severe LUTS.

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